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The Future of Rifle Scopes

The future of rifle scopes has always been one of removing the long list of variables (wind speed and direction, curvature of the earth, recoil, and human error caused by range miscalculation and jitter) required to achieve rounds on target.  Look at it this way, if all shooters have to do the same thing, over and over, than it was just a matter of time before the rifle scope progressed to do the thinking for you.  After all, that’s how all technology works.  We don’t want to program our iPhones, we just want to pick them up and use them.  No different for hunting, competition, or military operations.  To say the least, that day has come, and it’s here to stay.

Just imagine being able to hit targets at such tremendous distances, you really couldn’t do it without the help of technology.  I can tell you from experience, that not everyone, very few actually, can put rounds on target beyond 300 yards.  I’ve witnessed it firsthand in other shooters, and experienced it for myself.  You know all those YouTube videos showing people making long distance shots?  Well, I can assure you, you’re seeing the video of the shot they made, not the shots (guarantee it’s more than one) they missed.  That’s not to say they’re bad shooters, that’s me repeating the enormous challenge of getting rounds on target consistently from the first shot.  Most of us, physically, cannot make a shot beyond 500 yards.  This is due to several factors:

  1. We just don’t have a steady hand
  2. Our nerves get to us
  3. Improper finger/trigger placement
  4. Breathing

This short list doesn’t take into account, natural point of aim techniques, proper equipment, or the training to bring it all together.  Just think about Marine Corps Snipers.  The norm for Marine Corps Sniper recruits is a wash-out.  That is to say, most will wash-out because they lack the natural talent to be a sniper.  Today, however, you have options to help achieve what most cannot.  First, you have the BeowulfX Xessories, and our video quick release plate so you can hard mount your long-range weapon to any professional tripod.  This alone will enable you to achieve great success beyond any distance you’ve achieved in the past.  It’s one reason Marines today use tripod mounts for their snipers.  They know that getting consistent rounds on target takes more than just human talent, it takes the right equipment.  Ultimately, if spending a few hundred bucks for the mounting gear is just not enough for you, than say hello to the future of rifle scopes … Trackingpoint XactSystem™

This all new targeting system goes beyond just a scope that can calculate all the variables, it’s a weapon system that removes your deficiencies, and makes you the best shooter you can be.  I guarantee the military will be ordering these up for all branches of service.  From front line operations, to embassy security, to personnel protection, Trackingpoint puts a decided advantage into American hands.  Just take a look at their Facebook page, and you’ll see just how popular this is becoming.  Keep in mind, they just released this for sale in January of this year.

We congratulate Trackingpoint, and wish them enormous success.  This system has been needed for a long time, and thankfully, it’s here today.  If you choose to buy a Trackingpoint XactSystem™ PGF, please share your experiences.

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