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Wow! 1,000 Facebook LIKES and MORE!

Wow! Over 1,000 LIKES on Facebook. Thank you!

Reviewing some questions over the weekend, I thought I should answer some of them here.

1) Will the military be a large part of the market?

  • A: No. Most military see their time behind a rifle with iron sights. My time in the Corps never saw anything more than a basic M16 and an M60. Neither of which had scopes. I think this is a great question because most people relate military experience with high trigger time, and while that’s the case for a select few, the reality is, very few see a lot of trigger time, and those of us that were never slotted for sniper school or an infantry MOS, would never see any time behind a “scoped” weapon. Since I was slotted for flight school, there was no need to put me on the range. We were studying manuals, not bullets.

2) Where’s the market for this?

  • A: The market lies in the hunting and recreational shooting arenas. Civilians are the bulk of firearm accessories, especially for scoped weapons. The primary revenue generators will be over-the-counter, and licensing to accessory manufacturers.

3) Why’s it important to have a standard?

  • A: Just like the picatinny rail, which is the mil-spec 1913 standard, in order for manufacturers to incorporate their accessories into a near “hot swappable” system, they’ll need to know precise measurements. Who better than the CAD designer, me, to create and maintain such standards.

4) Why won’t you tell people your MOS?

  • A: Because this product was never about my military background. My time in the Corps, as with most Marines, saw no experience with anything but iron sights on a rifle. This is about hunting and recreational accessories, not my military service. I was a 2nd Lt in the Marine Corps until 1991. Mine, and most, possibly all, of my fellow OCS (Officer Candidate School) class, had our time in the Corps cut short because in 1991, the politicians nearly cut the military in half due to the overwhelming success of Desert Storm. i had no choice, and moved on. Here in Bristol, TN, I know three combat veteran Marines (all 3 grunts), 1 from the Korean war and 2 from the Vietnam war. The way all three of them stand up for our community, after all they went through, is exemplary! They should get a medal for staying in the battle all these decades. All three are very good men, and I’m honored to know them. What they experienced on the front lines, in the Marine Corps, is something I can’t even imagine. God Bless them for keeping us safe, and the courage they exhibit in their civilian lives!

5) Are their future upgrades or mods?

  • A: Yes! I was hesitant to disclose this because once people see that a potential “good” idea, is a “great” idea, than my idea might be stolen, and copied. The quick release feature is already drawn and tested. It will remove a mounting platform on one side, but it still leaves the swappable center mount, and one side mount. It will take just 2 seconds to remove the entire assembly. Unfortunately, there’s very little integrity in business. If a large company sees the chance to “eat” a small company, they will. But that’s where you the “crowd” funders come in. Manufacturers will see the benefits of this product, and I’ll make it easy for them to adopt the standards I have established. This way, you’ll see more accessories become available for your favorite rifle. I mean really, who doesn’t want a GoPro mounted to the side of their AR15 

All great questions!  Thank you!

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