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What Happened to Our Military?

What Happened to Our Military?

Marine Corps Graduation Certificate OCS 1990As you can see in the featured image, my last days in the military occurred in mid-August 1990.  While my active duty time was short, I loved every minute of it. I still remember my M16A4 and how damn accurate it was with ACOG, this Trijicon Acog 4x32 review describes exactly how I felt as a US Marine and how deadly this rifle and optic combo really is. But going to back to main point, every day, we see the news of another soldier, badly injured, and barely hanging on.  When we see this, we feel a sense of pride and patriotism for our men and women in uniform, and we want what’s best for them.  Looking back on the history of our military, even civilian militia, we can see that they had a clear understanding of the road to freedom.  A road devoted to God, family, and country.  Bound to honor and integrity, warriors of all ages stood against tyranny and oppression as defined by Christianity.

So what happened?  Have you seen today’s military?  Starting back in Vietnam, our politicians decided to change the rules of war.  Instead of taking ground and preventing the enemy from re-capturing territory, they implemented a “body count” campaign.  No longer would we hold hard fought territory, we would simply count the bodies, and leave.  Where were the military leaders back in Vietnam?!?  You mean to tell me they didn’t have the guts to stand up to Robert McNamara?!?  How many soldiers died because of such poor military leadership?  As we have seen in recent years, it’s obvious the devout liberal politicians were thirsty for blood, but that’s supposed to be the blood of our enemy.  Knowing several Vietnam combat veterans, when I think about what our soldiers suffered, it brings a profound sadness.  A sense of loss, and control, as if the country is slipping right through our fingers.

Politicians using their own military to carry out campaigns of destruction on their own people, is the historical demise of every major civilization.  Nero burning down Rome, the Spanish politicians during the Inquisition, the French government, during the French Revolution, the Russians, during the communist revolution, Germany, during World War II, North Korea today.  The vast quantity of atrocities would take years to digest!  So how did they get there?  How did all these countries, get to the point where the politicians ordered the arrest, torture and murder of their own civilians?  What’s surprising, it’s the same answer, over and over.  Never has this ever been anything more than power and greed, a god complex.  The selfish and self-centered need to “feel” power over another.

But what about today?  What about the U.S.?  Are we headed down the path where history repeats itself?  I want you to be the judge.  When I was in the Marines, my Staff Sergeant walked up and down the quonset hut, telling us that most of us would not make it through officer training.  The guy standing next to you would likely fail to physically perform, and they would be sent home.  He also commented on the religious background of the candidates.  At the time, I thought it was an odd thing to say, but I was training to become a Marine officer, and I just did what I was told.  It was only later in my training that I discovered my Platoon Sergeant was referring to a candidate with an Islamic background.  While the Marines started their legacy battling the British on the open seas, their first major engagement took place against the Barbary pirates, off the shores of Tripoli, as the Marines engaged their first Muslims!  This is what Staff Sergeant Parker was referring to.  One of our candidates was Muslim, and Staff Sergeant Parker, clearly didn’t like it.  Just for the record, that candidate failed to perform physically, and was sent home.  However, Staff Sergeant Parker’s message still rings loud and clear in my mind today.  Our military is headed down the wrong path, the military leadership is behind it, and the NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers), have no power to stop it.  Will anyone stand up to it?  At this point, it certainly doesn’t look like it, but hopefully as the battle comes into focus, we’ll start to see a counter-offensive.

Today, the internal attacks on our military structure, by the courts, spearheaded by the liberal/communist politicians, is obvious.  Muslims being actively recruited into our military ranks.  Courts rendering judgements that allow for homosexual soldiers, with full benefits.  And my personal favorite, mandating that military base hospitals perform elective abortions, on the taxpayers dime.  As I’ve stated in past posts, abortion, Islam, and homosexuality, are the top three deadliest lifestyle choices in the history of man.  The millions that have died choosing these lifestyle choices, cannot be denied.  So why is our military following such a self-destructive path?  It’s not by choice.  Just like the attacks on the Catholic Church, the pro-abortion, homosexual, and Muslim forces are attacking our military from the inside.  I witnessed this first hand back in 1986, my initial active duty training, and clearly, as you’ll see in the links provided in this paragraph, they are succeeding.

How far will this go?  Unless our current soldiers take an active role in crushing such military policies, the liberals/communists will win.  It’s that simple.  What’s the consequences if they don’t?  The same as all the other civilizations.  Our politicians will turn our own military loose on the civilian population.  History always repeats itself, and our current politicians have made it clear, they oppose our U.S. Constitution.  So what’s next?  Just take a look at Detroit, MI.  That’s where you’ll find the answers.  The local Detroit politicians enacted laws that permitted the mass killings of blacks (abortion), openly welcomed the Muslim community, and made homosexuality a right.  What’s worse, the Detroit law enforcement, carried out all these laws, and gladly upheld the hateful, violent and murderous policies established by the politicians.  The end result?  Have you seen the pictures of Detroit?  Millions dead, neighborhoods so broken down, they look like a post-apocalyptic, third world country, and no hope in sight for re-building.  To top it all off, the policies implemented by the liberal politicians, are still in effect.

So how do we combat this problem?  The same way the Tea Party is combatting the Republican/Democrat unified political party they’ve established.  They’re promoting and mobilizing future politicians that will uphold the U.S. Constitution.  Marines_OCS_IDWhile that’s all good for U.S. politics, that does little to help a young Marine navigate the evil within the Corps today.  When today’s military is pro-abortion, pro-muslim, pro-homosexual, pro-contraceptive, pro-pornography and more, what’s a young Marine supposed to take away from all this?  Certainly there’s no honor, no integrity!  Both honor and integrity are judged by the principles of Christianity.  The Marines need to establish an office that openly upholds the U.S. Constitution, with the authority to defend any authentic Marine (Christian) from the tyranny of the Muslims, homosexuals, abortionists and the politicians at large.  Call this office anything you want, a tribunal, a court martial, a division of the JAG, but it must be established.  If a platoon of Marines has an issue with one of their homosexual, or Muslim counter-parts going into battle, and they should, then they need a place to turn that will correct this problem.

As history has dictated, in one culture to the next, our politicians will turn our military against us.  It will happen, and it will be soon.  The only way to stop this freight train, is to attack it head-on.  Unless current soldiers organize and push back, they’ll be ordered into offensives against their own U.S. citizens.  While organizing a counter-offensive might happen, first, the soldiers need to see that there’s a problem.  Unfortunately, many of them are perfectly fine with the status quo.

Pray for our soldiers.  Pray that they be instilled with the courage to reject current political policies, and ignore the orders of the Obama communist regime.  We saw a little of this recently, so there’s a glimmer of hope.

May Jesus Christ, the Lord of light, be praised forever!
Tom Beowulf

UPDATE:  During recent events, the Commandant of the Marine Corps is finally addressing the outright violence and death plaguing his own military base, the Marine Corps Headquarters, Arlington, VA.  While I’m certain the story is not comprehensive, the Commandant, General James Amos, is clearly addressing “many” issues within the Corps.  From an outsider viewpoint, the Marine Corps headquarters looks more like an immature, drunken frat house, than an elite fighting force.  As unfortunate as this is, the story clearly outlines the need for change, and General Amos is making some changes.  While I’m sure some of the changes will be effective, who are we kidding here?  This is a cultural problem within the military, not just a Marine Corps problem.  We have young Marines who have never even attended church, or even discussed that there is a God, much less lived an honorable life.  Where’s that statement from General Amos?  Where’s the statement that abortion, homosexuality, and islam are the destructive forces behind Marine behavior, and he needs to openly, and very publicly, denounce all three and fight them head-on, like a Marine.  Watching General Amos play baby sitter to his Marines is an embarrassment to our country!  I look back on my training and I’m ashamed to say, “I was a part of that group.”  Where is the honor and integrity that makes up the ethos of the Marine Corps?  It sure as hell isn’t inside the Corps itself.  First, Marines would need to understand the definition of honor and integrity.  Second, are we talking about honor and integrity to the State, or to God?  Third, is the Marine Corps so far compromised that they don’t even understand their own history?  Fourth, when are Marine Corps officers going to lead by example?  Fifth, are Marine leaders an elite fighting force, or just lapdogs for the politicians?  Finally, where’s the frank and open questions about real evil within the Corps, and the pro-active efforts to crush it?

After you finish reading the article above, and the weak kneed manner in which General James Amos is handling this very serious situation, it becomes crystal clear that General Amos would have no trouble ordering his Marines to attack U.S. citizens.  For General Amos, it’s crystal clear that a command decision to openly combat U.S. citizens, would be an easy choice.

It’s time for former Marines, that is if you haven’t renounced the Corps, to start demanding that our country’s values be upheld to the highest degree.  First, we are a Christian nation, and that means we follow the teachings of Christ, and His Church, the Roman Catholic Church.  Second, it must start today!  Finally, the “leaders” of the Marine Corps, must step up and start being Marines.

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