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Who’s The Real Benefactor? |

National Association for Gun Rights Gun Lobby

The New York Times Gun Lobby?!?

So the New York Times (see article link at the bottom) is pushing hard to make sure that American’s know that guns are a poor lifestyle choice, but where does this come from?  You know they’re not just writing these stories, and that’s all they are, out of the kindness of their hearts.  They’re writing these stories at the direction and guidance of the liberal Democrat/Republican party.  An ideology that seeks to ensure that all weapons are confiscated, so the government can take anything they want from you, with no repercussions.  This is abundantly obvious, but we know this will never happen.    How do we know this?  Because even the most heinous, communist, islamic countries have vast quantities of firearms in the general population.  So who’s the real benefactor?

Let’s follow the money.  A newspaper article, especially one that sites gun accidents are on the decline over the last 30 years, as this article eventually gets to, suggests that it’s good to own a firearm, even though firearms are spun as an inherent evil.  That leaves me to believe that the money could be coming from the liberal political machine and their endless stream of printed money.  It’s no secret the New York Times is on the verge of bankruptcy every single month, so they’ll whore themselves out to the highest bidder, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.  But is that the end of the line?  Does anyone else benefit from such a story?  What about the gun manufacturers?

If I can see that guns will never disappear from our society, whether they’re legal or not, than certainly, so can the gun manufacturers.  Is the gun lobby pushing this rhetoric so the manufacturers can charge higher prices?  Is the gun lobby pushing this rhetoric so that only they can control the manufacture of guns?  Keep the competition down, and your prices stay up.

In this author’s opinion, the starting line for this rhetoric starts with the gun manufacturers themselves.  They are inevitably the bottom line benefactor of this liberal agenda.  So what does that make the gun manufacturers?  Are they liberals too?!?  You damn right they are!  They’ll go where ever the money leads them.  This is about profits and future business.  The gun industry has never been about selling guns to people who solely live a life of peace, and they can’t make it by selling only to the hunting market.  If they could make it this way, you would never see an “assault” type weapon on the market.  Everything would be a nice hardwood, walnut stock, of a classic American hunting rifle.

Tom!  How the hell can you say this?!?  Simple, just look at history.  It’s not the genuine, conservative, Christian politicians that start wars.  It’s the crazy, lunatic, blood thirsty liberals that start wars.  It’s always been this way throughout all of history, and the gun lobby supports them in their endeavor to start another war.

So am I saying we should ban guns?!?  Not just no, but HELL NO!  Guns keep us safe, guns make us equal, guns provide us food, and guns provide us peace from those who openly seek to take peace from us.  Just don’t lay all the blame on the liberals, when really, the benefactor of more gun rules and regulations, is higher gun prices and significantly higher profits.  Remember, you’ve never seen Colt denounce any government entities when our 2nd amendment rights were being stripped from us on a federal level.  They didn’t say a word, or lift a finger to support gun rights.  Oh sure, they may have made a contribution to the NRA, but every time they spend money, they can justify higher gun prices to you the consumer.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t see any of this.  People would tell the truth, and guns would be selling for a fraction of what they are today.  The liberals would admit they’ve started every war since our country was founded.  They would admit they hate Christianity.  The gun lobby would admit, their job is to influence politicians into another war, so manufacturers can pump out more guns.  The reality is, the truth is never going to happen.  You’re never going to know what goes on behind closed doors, and all you can do is take the reality presented, with a grain of salt.

The last thing I want you to glean from this story is a conspiracy theory.  It’s not!  This is simply ordinary business, in the course of just another day.  I’m not trying to get anyone ticked off, or change their mind about guns, the industry, or current political policies.  I want you to see the truth for what it is.  People are paid according to their level of production.  If a company can increase that pay, that’s a huge benefit to the company, but of course, the company has to make significantly higher profits.  These higher profits can be made through many many legal, and innovative, business strategies.  Higher production, limit competition, product material composition, or get the politicians involved to manipulate the markets.  This is normal!  There’s nothing anyone can do about it.  The trouble is, do the gun manufacturers know when to stop?  What’s their limit?  Wars are profitable for them, so it only begs the question, “Why not support the liberals in their endeavor to start another war?”

If you find these questions disturbing?  Good!  You should find them disturbing.  There’s always a motive behind money, and that’s reason enough to ask a lot of questions.  So what should you take from this?  Buy a gun!  Attend training courses on how to use a gun.  Trust me, you need training.  Read the Holy Bible, and make sure you understand when it’s proper to use a gun.  Yes!  The Bible does explain what God expects from you, and the value of your life.  Do your own lobbying.  Tell your local city council to require all homeowners to be gun owners.  The facts are crystal clear that a well armed community has virtually no murders, at all!  Not by any weapon, of any kind.  Become a member of NAGR, just click the image at the top, and donate to them.  They make the NRA look like the communists that they are.  Just accept the reality presented here as part of doing business and don’t let any of this change the fact that your life is more valuable than all the regulations and reforms that politicians can impose on you.

The New York Times Knows What You Should Know | NSSF Blog.

May Jesus Christ, the Lord of light, be praised forever!
Tom Beowulf

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