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Make Your Own Product Line

Calling All Scope Manufacturers

How would you like to have your own product line of accessories, just like scope manufacturers, for your particular hunting area?  Out here in Tennessee, we don’t make 300+ yard shots to harvest big game.  We do tend to ambush our prey, because of the thick, ground vegetation.  If you were a gun store, such as Mahoney’s or Tri Cities Gun Depot, you might want to carry a line of accessories that caters to our hunting requirements.  Yes you can simply buy a variety of products, or you could make your own, and reap the profits from it.

I’m not talking about making the optics, lights or lasers.  I’m talking about establishing your own mounting solutions for the scopes people will need in your area.  This could also include custom iron sights.  The custom solutions you can provide for your hunting customers, can also be applied to law enforcement.  The tactical solutions used in Los Angeles, are not the same solutions used out here in Tennessee.  Each requires a unique solution for the given problem.  Also, each customer has their own personal preference.  Not everyone likes a red-dot optical solution, and others prefer a good iron sight system.  What about solutions that no one is using right now?  For example, a tactical light is a diffused laser.  Think about that.  Instead of a focused beam of light (laser), a tactical light simply diffuses the light, yet it projects light onto a target.  It can also cast a shadow onto your target.  Try that sometime.  Take your tactical light, and place it behind the front sight assembly of your AR-15 and you’ll see a perfect shadow, showing exactly where the round will impact, on the wall.  When we can project where a round will impact on the target, we don’t even need to raise the weapon to our shoulder.  With a bright enough light, or a colored light, we could do the same while stalking game in the woods.  Then the question is, how would the game react to the light?  New sighting solutions, require new mounting solutions.  Personal preference, requires personal solutions.

This is where the BeowulfX mounts really shine through, no pun intended.  Because of their simplicity, any machine shop, even a novice gunsmith, can make these mounts for their customers.  This is the goal behind the BeowulfX mounts.  Not only do they provide many more mounting solutions, because the shooter can use all sides, their simplicity is downright easy to reproduce.  As a patented inventor, I’ve been working with machine shops for nearly 30 years.  The initial setup costs alone, prohibit the vast majority of good ideas from ever making it to market.  The success of a product is not only about the sales, but the overall costs to produce it.  Make it for less money, sell it for less money, sell a higher quantity, and you have a successful product.  This can now be achieved by any gun shop, wholesaler or retailer.

So not only can local shops make their own components, keep in mind, they’re using a standardized mounting solution.  That means, the used market will grow exponentially.  When someone in California, moves to Tennessee, and they want to sell their custom California solution, someone in Tennessee can buy it because everyone’s using the same manufacturing standards.

As we’ve highlighted in our manufacturing video (above), the BeowulfX mount is downright simple to mass produce, and the custom solutions are endless.  New mounts, for new optics, lights, lasers, cameras, rangefinders, infrared and more can be designed and manufactured in less than a day.  With the use of simple jigs to help aid in a higher volume of production, even a small gun store can keep themselves fully stocked at all times.  And the best part, there’s no middle man.  The gun store owner gets to keep all the profits that manufacturers would normally make.  That’s an enormous business advantage for all.  The large manufacturers can provide solutions at a lower price, and satisfy the majority of shooters, while the small gun stores can sell solutions that large manufacturers will not touch.  Either way, the profit margins are higher, and for once, the small gun store gets to make the high profits manufacturers would normally make.  By the way, large manufacturers must make a 300% plus profit, or they don’t make it.  These same profits will now be collected by small gun stores.  For example, if a small gun store makes a custom BeowulfX mount solution for $20 dollars, they would then retail it for $80.  That’s $20 X 300% + the $20 dollar cost.  An $80 dollar component in the gun industry is considered “cheap”, but really it’s about the cost to produce it.  When large manufacturers have to invest in die molds, or large CNC machine setup costs, they have to endure an enormous upfront cost to get their product solution down to just a few dollars cost.  If they don’t minimize costs, by investing large, upfront capital, then they can’t get the pricing structure they need to sell their solution at a price the market (shooters) will want to buy.

The BeowulfX mount changes all this, for everyone!  The parts are easy to make, and even if a large manufacturer wanted to produce them here in the United States, they could easily pull their production away from China, and bring it back to the U.S.  Let me explain this a little further.  Assuming a large manufacturer is die molding a mount for the rifle scope they’ve designed, the mold will only create a few components, per mold.  So if a manufacturer can only get a dozen pieces from each mold, then they’re required to build multiple molds until they have the level of production required to bring costs down.  The die molds are just part of the “upfront” capital costs to bring a single product to market.  All these manufacturing variables must be taken into account during the design phase of any product.  It’s time consuming, difficult, easy to make mistakes, and can severely limit the products available to us, the shooters.  So fast forward to today, with the BeowulfX standards in place, that same large manufacturer only needs to worry about one part, that’s the center “riser” that will cradle the scope, light, laser, etc …  all the rest of the components are a standard, and all the costs to manufacture them, will only change with economic factors (inflation, recession, politics, regulations).  This makes manufacturing much less complicated, and puts all manufacturers, big and small, on a level playing field.  That translates into more opportunities for both big and small companies.

As scope manufacturers go, Trijicon is one of the best examples.  Many people love the Trijicon scopes, and clearly the military loves what they have to offer.  As Trijicon prepares to make a new scope, they have to take into consideration the design element that mounts their scope to your weapon.

  1. Will the scope body and mount be all one component?
  2. How many parts can be cast per mold?
  3. Will there be any machining after the mold process?
  4. Can these new scopes be machined instead of die cast?
  5. What’s the cost difference between machining and molding?
  6. What’s the target sales volume?
  7. Who’s the customer? Military, Civilian, Both

These are just a few questions Trijicon has to ask every time they produce a new scope.  So if they’re target is to sell 50,000 units at a wholesale cost of $1,500 dollars, then there are limits as to the manufacturing process involved with making these 50,000 units.  However, if they can get their manufacturing costs down, and wholesale their new scope for only $750 dollars, then they have the potential to sell far more than just 50,000 units.  I’m certain that Trijicon would rather sell 300,000 units at $750 dollars ($225,000,000), vs. 50,000 units at $1,500 dollars (75,000,000).  Price is everything in manufacturing, and no one is exempt from supply vs. demand cost factors.

So how does the BeowulfX mounting standard help reduce Trijicon’s costs?  Easy, by removing much of the cost equation from the manufacturing process.  Trijicon doesn’t need to mold both the scope body and mount as one piece.  This opens up the design elements to market their scopes to a much broader audience.  Also, they know their costs for the standardized BeowulfX core components, before they ever start manufacturing.  Why?  Because the BeowulfX core components are the standard for everyone.  For example, if Trijicon’s new scope is designed to be mounted on a standard AR15, A4 variant, than they need to build their mount to accommodate the front sight assembly.  In other words, they simply produce a scope with a taller profile for that particular weapon.  Of course, this limits their market, and increases their costs because they can’t produce as many as they could.  Lower unit production, always means higher unit costs.  If they could change up their configuration, to accommodate more rifles, than they can sell to a much broader market.  They also get the added advantage of providing a more customized solution for every shooter.  Some prefer a high profile, some prefer a low profile, some have hunting rifles, and others have tactical rifles. The only cost element that changes, is the center riser, and since it’s such an easy part to produce, it can be produced by the millions for just pennies.  All the BeowulfX components can be either machined or molded, depending on production levels.  If a high production molding process is Trijicon’s choice, than they know they can produce far more components per mold, over just a handful of large components per mold.  Small components equals more parts per mold vs. large components and more molds for a given part.  Lower upfront capital costs, always translates into lower overall costs.  So instead of a singular focus (AR15), on a singular market (military only), the center riser can be easily changed up to accommodate all rifle configurations.

Thank you for reading.  As you know, we’re currently running a RocketHub project to bring the BeowulfX mount to market, and get underway on creating this new shooting standard.  You can do your part and help by contributing to your shooting future.  Please make a contribution today.  Time is running out.

Thank you,
Tom Beowulf

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