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BeowulfX Picatinny Rail System

Do you Rocket Hub?  We’ve launched our campaign to fund the first run of BeowulfX picatinny rails.  We’re using the good people at Rocket Hub, and you can see our project by visiting:

The BeowulfX Picatinny Rail mounting system is the only system that allows for a custom rifle configuration by simply installing the components you want.  Now you can customize your shooting based on your personal height, style and stance.  Mount your scope, any size, flashlight, and laser, in the perfectly balanced, perfectly positioned, point of your rifle.  This system allows for a single rail setup, double rail, and triple rail.  It’s completely ambidextrous and will make you a better shooter from your very first shot.  Instead of placing sight alignment accessories on your hand guards, weighing down the front of your weapon, now you can have perfect balance, and the fastest access, to the components you need most, when you need them.  Please be sure to watch the video for a demonstration.

BeowulfX Picatinny Rails look good in the CAD images, but the prototypes look even better.  A deep flat black, with the unique spade cut into the bottom of the X, they look better on your weapon, than they do sitting in the package.  These picatinny rails make your rifle look better the moment you tighten down the bolts.  The money raised is going toward the production of the first 500 kits.  The company we’re using is a local Tennessee based machine shop that currently builds accessory mounts for the U.S. military.  I personally have inspected the machines they use, and their output capabilities.  They can produce thousands of units per month, but 500 is a good jumping off point.  I’m using this Tennessee production shop because the State of Tennessee is one of the few States that has a Firearm’s Freedom Act.  The chance that politicians, or competitors will interfere is eliminated in such a State.

As for the breakdown of the money, approximately $18,000 is the production cost of these 500 units.  The prototypes were made by this same shop, along with the ability to dedicate four full size production machines to making these parts.  They’re the ideal shop for this project and they have all the CAD files, and a working knowledge of 3D CAD design, so they’re very easy to work with.  Since there’s really no chance of getting funding for small plastic accessories, like a Maglite XL50 mount, this project also includes some accessories that you can 3D print, and a couple thousand dollars will go toward prototyping the 3D print files.  While I can print to my 3D printer, the files will need to be optimized for places like UPS, FedEx and a variety of 3D printers.  You see, when you want a 3D printed flashlight mount for your Maglite XL50, you’ll just email the 3D print file to your local UPS, FedEx or library, and they’ll print it for you.  Drop by the hardware store for the screws, and your done.  So everything has to work together to make it easy for you, the consumer.  The rest of the funds will cover the fees to RocketHub.  You can see two such mounts in the video for my Maglite and my laser.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages, and the good looks of the BeowulfX Picatinny Rails, what about the future?  The last thing you want to invest in is a dead horse.  This is where the BeowulfX “system” comes into play.  This is just the start of what this system can do.  After this project is fully funded, and the more you give, the faster the next phase will evolve, the pre-planned add-ons will quickly come to life.  These add-ons include MOA risers, longer rails, 3D printed scope rings, 3D printed professional video head quick release plates, and a host of 3D CAD drawings to mount your favorite accessories.  Some of these projects are already complete, so I’m asking for your support to bring them to life.  Designing them on a computer is easy for me, getting them to market will take your support.

A little about me … I’ve been a self-employed, product designer for 27 years, and I’ve been working in the video industry mounting cameras, of all sizes and shapes, to just about anything that moves.  So with more than a decade of experience with mounting devices, such as, professional cameras, lights, microphones, monitors and more, it was only natural to transition into the firearm industry.  I’ve been 3D drawing in Google Sketchup, CorelDRAW, and AutoCAD, before AutoCAD was even 3D, for nearly 3 decades.  When 3D printers hit the market, I bought one as soon as I could.  This is the future of consumer purchases, but the products you can print, are only as good as the designer, and I will deliver the best 3D CAD drawings for printing.

I highly encourage you to view the BeowulfX website at:  Here you’ll see that I’ve been working for months to set the site up, use all the latest website design techniques (WordPress, Woothemes, Woocommerce), and connect the site with your favorite social networks.  I write a blog to keep you informed of your gun rights, politics, shooting competitions, new guns, religion and more.  I want everyone to understand the passion with which I’ve committed to bringing these products to market.

I’m asking for your support, and I thank you for taking the time to view my project.  If this project is not for you, please pass this on to your family and friends.

Please let me know what I can do for you.
Tom Beowulf

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